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L.I.P. Built Trucks

Building reliable, rust free, bad-ass diesel trucks

Over the past years we have seen a huge increase of rusty pick-up trucks here in the northeastern United States. Although the owners of these trucks have maintained the drive train, the bodies have become beat, rusty and rotted. With the prices of new diesel pick-up trucks approaching the $100,000 mark, we decided to build clean, rust free, reliable, diesel pick-up trucks.

1997 F-350 Powerstroke Diesel

2003 F-250 XLT FX4



The Bulletproofed L.I.P. 6.0 Powerstrokes

These were our personal trucks that we built to be super reliable tow rigs. 


Currently under the knife- our 2000 Ford Excursion Powerstroke Diesel! This truck will be an awesome rust free, diesel drinking, black smoke blowing, lifted monster!


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